An astonishing case of intelligence failure

Greg Mathews

Instead of trying to see what one is looking at there will be no real lessons learnt from the stupefying attack at Khosht, Afghanistan on December 30, 2009 at the secret CIA Station. The response from US, apart from ‘frantically’ concealing a major, MAJOR case of embarrassment under a wad of conspiracy theories doggedly attempting to embolden “World’s most powerful intelligence organization” by using, ‘yet again’ the much disposable hand of ISI, Pakistani intelligence services – all in a desperate attempt to tuck away CIA’s own inadequacies.

Renowned think tanks like Stratfor are churning out stories that link the attack to the ISI, all from the grapevine and speaking of speculation pulled out of nowhere else but ‘widespread rumors’ mostly concocted inside a conspicuous coterie of ISI bashers that cannot be missed out, needless to say, for obvious reasons. Yet these ‘rumors’ are failing horribly from dressing the unreserved embarrassment of CIA’s spectacular intelligence failure that enabled the Taliban to inflict the heaviest loss to a leading US spy agency in the past 26 years!

What Stratfor shouldn’t have missed out on is the magnitude of animosity among Muslims against the US that compelled a Jordanian medical doctor of Palestinian origin with a Turkish wife to team up with other Arab nationals from Al-Qaeda and seek help from Afghan and Pakistani Taliban under the umbrella of Al Qaeda to make this attack possible. It shows the growing frustration and disgust from the US policies and explains for growing Islamic militancy transcending borders and joining hands to fight what they perceive as a common enemy.

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