by Deepika Jaitley

On 15th February 2010 India’s Eastern Frontier Rifles Force came under attack at their Headquarters at Shilda 75 kms from Midnapore. Taken by complete surprise the force lost 24 enlisted men in the 60 minutes for which the attack continued. More than 50 weapons were looted besides other destruction. This daring armed attack was claimed by the Maoist rebels fighting Indian security forces in the troubled North Eastern region. According to the Maoist leader Kishanji this was in retaliation to Operation Green Hunt. Operation Green Hunt is an operation by Indian security forces against the jungle bases and sanctuaries of the Maoists. Maoists have launched many attacks but this one was the most daring and marks an escalation in the struggle.

The insurgency in India’s north east has been there for almost half a century. India initially blamed Pakistan for supporting it through their eastern province. Later after India supported and actively assisted the secession of that province to bring about Bangla Desh the blame shifted to the new state. Now it is clear that it is an indigenous uprising and its root causes are the grievances the people of those regions have against India. The insurgency now involves 17 states and 223 districts. At least 8 districts are critically affected. The Maoists coerce the people into supporting them though their support base has grown because of political and bureaucratic corruption and the atrocities by Indian security forces. The escalation in violence has spread terror in the region and there is talk of a ‘red corridor’ in the north east all the way to Nepal.

The rise of Hindu nationalism with its most virulent form in Maharashtra has led to domestic terrorism and atrocities against Muslims and Christians. These events are well documented and have spawned retaliatory actions by local groupings like the Indian Mujahideen. India has talked of external involvement and support for domestic terror but there is very little doubt that the real problem is domestic. The propensity to use force and violence through state power accentuates the problem. Just as the indigenous uprising in Kashmir was because of discriminatory policies and inordinate use of state power the insurgency in the north east and domestic terrorism has its origin in genuine grievances. The fact that politicians and police and security forces largely ignore and even fear militant Hindu groups who preach hate and incite violence worsens the evolving environment within India.

India’s image building, its international clout and economic progress will stand neutralized if India cannot bring its internal situation under control. By extending into Afghanistan and supporting destabilization in Pakistan India invites retaliatory actions. This is the time to talk and develop a cooperative relationship with Pakistan against the common threat that both face. India must not allow its north eastern vulnerability to be exploited nor should it let the simmering Kashmir problem drag it down. Power should lead to effective diplomacy and not its indiscriminate and counter productive use.


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