Lady Wellingdon Hospital witnesses miracle birth

* Doctors successfully operate on mother, deliver baby girl conceived in her abdomen instead of uterus
*Hospital MS says mother and child ‘healthy’, will be discharged soon

By Hayat Umar

LAHORE: The Lady Wellingdon Hospital, on Friday, witnessed a miracle birth after a baby girl – who had been conceived and nurtured outside the uterus – was delivered thanks to the heroic efforts of the mother’s doctors.

The baby girl was born in the hospital and was reported as one of the most unique cases in the country’s medical history. The mother, Ayesha, had been carrying the baby in her abdomen throughout the pregnancy and had contacted doctors after experiencing extreme abdominal pain and constipation.

After conducting routine procedures, the doctors took an ultrasound only to discover that the baby was growing outside the mother’s womb. “It initially put all the doctors in confusion as to what they should do, but it was then decided that the case would be taken on as a challenge. We put the woman under intensive care and finally managed to save the baby and the mother after an exhausting operation,” Prof Dr Ikram Ullah told Daily Times.

He said that such a case had been discovered around a decade ago, but the mother and the child had died at the time, as medical practices were not advanced at the time as they were now.

“I have seen British doctors successfully save a mother and child in a similar case a few years back, but chances of the success of such an operation remain low due to the non-availability of adequate facilities and awareness among people,” the professor said.

“Doctors treat such cases as an emergency and we were forced to conduct a very sensitive operation to save both the mother and her baby. We still believe that the survival of both mother and child in such vulnerable conditions was a miracle and a matter of chance,” he added.

Healthy: Lady Wellingdon Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr Afzal Shaheen told Daily Times that he had deployed all available facilities and set up a board of senior doctors to care for the patient and the child, “both of whom are now healthy and will be discharged from the hospital very soon”.

He said the hospital had several seasoned and senior doctors and had a massive experience of treating gynae-related issues, adding that it was an honour for them successfully deliver the baby.

“Such babies are normally aborted as soon as they come into notice due to the risks to the mother’s life, but this was an exception because the child had become due in her mother’s abdomen,” he said.


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