Shahbaz has alienated Punjab, hurt feelings

* Punjab governor says statement has damaged image of provincial harmony
* PML-N is heir to Gen Zia’s legacy
* Statement ‘tantamount to bowing to Taliban’

LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s statement, asking the Taliban not to target Punjab, has alienated the province from the rest of the country as well as hurt the sentiments of the people of Punjab, Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer said on Monday.

“The statement has damaged the image of provincial harmony in the country, as Punjab is the largest stakeholder in the war against terror. Shahbaz’s statement has proved that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) is a provincial party, as it has disassociated Punjab from other provinces and hurt the sentiments of Punjabis,” he said while talking to journalists at the 2nd convocation of the Pak-Aims Institute of Management Sciences at Aiwan-e-Iqbal.

“If Punjab provides protection to such elements it would nurture sectarian sentiments,” he said, adding that Shahbaz’s statement would have long lasting effects on the PML-N’s political history. The governor said the statement negated the founding principles of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, adding the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) had always worked for the strengthening of the federation. He advised the PML-N not to claim allegiance to Benazir Bhutto’s mission, “as the PML-N has alienated itself from Benazir’s political mission by aligning itself with the Taliban and their supporters”.

Heir: “It is not the stance of the Benazir Bhutto… it is the viewpoint of Gen Ziaul Haq,” he said, adding the PML-N was the heir to Gen Ziaul Haq’s legacy.

To another question, Taseer said the CM’s statement was tantamount to bowing to the Taliban and sectarian elements in the province.

“It is unfortunate that the statement has come at a time when our armed forces are engaged in a war against the terrorists,” the governor said.

To a question, he said terrorists did not respect any treaties. Referring to Sufi Muhammad, he said that he misused time and opportunity in the name of reconciliation provided to him in Swat.

Commenting on Shahbaz’s statement of maintaining anti-US policies, he said that history was a witness to who had sought US help after Kargil.

He said the CM’s statement had clarified the Punjab government’s support for the Taliban, adding that the Anti-Terrorism Act clearly defines that whoever supports and promotes terrorists is their ally.

The governor asked Shahbaz to clarify whether he wished to promote Talibanisation in Punjab.


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4 Responses to “Shahbaz has alienated Punjab, hurt feelings”

  1. junaidqaiser Says:

    Shahbaz’s comments were greeted with surprise and shock by the people, including foreign analysts and commentators. Whole nation slammed Shahbaz Sharif, saying the Chief Minister’s comments amounted to bowing down before the militants.Earlier Pakistanis have condemned and criticized PML-N leader and provincial Law Minister Rana Sanaullah for hob-nobbing with leaders of the banned Sipah-e-Sahaba group while campaigning for recent by-polls. Governor Punjab

    Salman Taseer alleged the PML-N-led government had a hand in the release of convicted members of militant groups.

    “After the Chief Minister’s statement, I have doubts about where the PML-N is going, how they want to do the Talibanisation of Punjab, which people they are in league with…We will not tolerate this,” he said.

    Noting that Shahbaz had not responded when he recently asked him in an official letter whether he was for or against the militants, Taseer said: “The Chief Minister has given his reply through yesterday’s comments..”

    The Chief Minister’s appeal, asking the Taliban not to target Punjab, since both the group and the government have the same views over foreign dictation, has shocked many. It seems that his statement and stance on terrorism will lead to further choes , controversy and terrorism and

    that Sindh and NWFP should have serious reservation over it .

  2. junaidqaiser Says:

    It’s quite true that Nawaz and his League are Zia’s remnants.What the nation is reaping now was sown by the dictator, General Zia-ul-Haque and General Pervaiz Musharaff with the help of conservative right wing Parties, including PML Nawaz.One of the nastiest tragedies that occurred during 20 years long dark night ruled by Gen Zia and Musharaf was arming of the Islamist right wing parties as well as granting the training facilities throughout the whole country.
    Its fact that All Right wing voters in Punjab voted PMLN due to it’s soft corner towards right wing politics.PMLN’s still major vote bank residing and studying in Maddaras, so You won’t see ever that PMLN’s top brass would condemn Taliban, Talibanization or their inhuman atrocities, ever!!!

  3. junaidqaiser Says:

    Terrorism is a communication strategy of extremist groups, terrorists are trying to create, panic, fear and frustration in society. So people must watch IPL instead bomb blasts on TV channels. We must ignore terrorists activities and take it as routine matter or accident on road, it’ll help to counter terrorism.
    Terrorists are trying to convey following messages :
    1.That Govt’s foreign policy is not Islamic and even not good for Islamic umma, so govt should change its policy and negotiate with Taliban and wage war against infidel forces.
    2.Pakistani govt is following US policies and war on terror is American war.
    3.US presence in Afghanistan is illegal and Pakistan govt help Taliban once again to capture Afghanistan.
    4. accommodate TTP and govt and people of Pakistan follow it’s dictation.
    I never stated that we should not fight against extremist or terrorist forces infect we are fighting against terrorism(see our blogs, websites and manifesto) .PPP’s stance against terrorism is quite clear, We are not accepting many party’s claim that there are good or bad Taliban? We are saying that all the forces challenging state’s writ and spread terrorism should be dealt with military might no question of negotiation and on the other hand PMLN, JI PTI’s stance on terrorism is not clear they are suggesting that we should negotiate with Taliban and follow their lines.I’m suggesting that all the parties should unite and take firm and strong stance against terrorist forces.If we become victim of their communication strategy than we’ll never succeed.They are not victorious infect they are frustrated, they faced humiliated defeat in Swat and in North Wazirstan.
    Media’s reporting during recent bombing in Lahore is also very irresponsible and it created panic, fear and frustration in society.I always say that media should design its code of conduct and devise strategy to counter terrorism.
    Music ka Maha Muqabla and IPL is better that Ansar Abbasi+ Saleem Bukhari’s analysis and Marvi Memon+Khawaja Saad Rafiq’s point of view on terrorism….they are confused People and trying to confuse whole nation.

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