25 militants killed in Kurram, Orakzai

By: Our Correspondents

PARACHINAR/KALAYA: Twenty-five militants were killed in shelling by military gunship helicopters and PAF fighter jets in Kurram and Orakzai tribal regions, tribal and official sources said on Sunday.

The sources said gunship helicopters pounded the hideouts of militants in Masozai and Marghano areas in central part of Kurram Agency. They said 16 militants, including a commander, were killed and their eight hideouts destroyed in the shelling. The officials didn’t provide the names of the commander and other militants who were killed.

The militants had reportedly shifted to the area from Orakzai and Waziristan. Meanwhile, nine militants were killed and three others sustained injuries when fighter jets bombed four hideouts in Orakzai Agency.

The sources said the fighter planes pounded the hideouts of the militants in Jhalka Mela, Meshti Bazaar, Ferozkhel and Mirzara. As a result, nine militants were killed and three others injured.

However, there was no report about the death of any high-profile target in the bombing. The sources said the Taliban militants in the Chappar Meshti area torched seven houses of a rival group.

They also snatched four trucks full of household articles and 80 cattleheads, besides taking four persons as hostages. The sources added that the houses of Gul Khan, Qutub and Mairaj were first torched and then blown up. The militants were using most of the houses vacated by locals after migration to safer places and such houses were often pounded by security forces, the sources added.


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