Mastermind behind Mastermind behind Sahil Naqash’s abduction arrested

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RAWALPINDI: Regional Police Officer (RPO) Aslam Tareen said that master mind behind the kidnapping for ransom of British born Pakistani boy has been arrested while Rs 15 million and heavy cache of weapons have also been recovered from their possession.

Addressing in a press conference, Aslam Tareen said that SSP Security and SSP CIA Rana Shahid Aziz in collaboration with law enforcement agencies raided in Jhelum and Gujrat and arrested Mastermind Imran and his friend Sagheer.

They said that two key accused Imran and Safeer have been arrested in Jhelum. He said that both culprits are in police custody and during their arrest four Klashinkoves, eight hand grenades, land mines, rocket launchers, bullets and looted equipment have been recovered.

RPO further told that Imran belongs to Rawalpindi and demanded by police in different cases of murder, robberies, and kidnappings for ransom.

He said that culprits are handed over to the police while two of their friends are remaining which would be arrested soon.

He also thanked the British and French police for their assistance in the arrest of culprits.

Answering to a question about details of the foreign culprits, RPO told that a Romanian woman is also involved in the kidnapping and ransom money, which was 0.11 ponds, paid in a park of France.

He said that safe recovery of Sahil Naqash was our top priority and we were in contact with French, British and Spanish police to arrest them.

He added that law enforcement through their effective actions arrested culprits in short time and no family member are said to be involved in it.

Sahil Saeed, of Oldham, Greater Manchester, was snatched from a house in the Punjab region of the country on 4 March, after robbers held his family hostage at gunpoint.


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