India’s Pakistan-centric calculus!


An objective analysis of India’s national security policy leads us to the conclusion that the assumptions underwriting the policy are predominantly focused on Pakistan. Especially the military component of national security apparatus perpetually spews out a stream of Pakistan phobia. The phenomenon has historic and cultural groundings, so strongly perpetuated by myths that rhetoric, more than often, supersedes the logic. Rationality is submerged into an ocean of irrationality when isolated and at times minor incidents are hyped to justify declaration of final and conclusive war on Pakistan, with a presupposed victory.
Pakistan has all along lived under the shadow of existential threat originating from India; commencing with the occupation of a major chunk of Kashmir, dismemberment of Pakistan and numerous incidents of massing troops along the borders in a medieval style posturing. Such a persistent approach points to a Pakistan phobic mindset in India which is rather unfortunate.
Actually, Indian political leadership has fallen prey to believing in their self-created anti-Pakistan hype as a substitute of India’s Pakistan policy. Contradiction of the sort has induced Pakistan-centric psyche in the overall national approach. Anything that happens or is likely to happen in India has a readily available scapegoat. Right at the start of an untoward occurrence, anti-Pakistan drums start beating. All soft talk and CBMs evaporate and Indian forces start thinking of moving towards Pakistan.
On the Pakistan side, a thick cloud of Indian mischief has induced a cautious approach. Stage-managed events like hijacking of India aeroplane “Ganga” to sever air link between West and East Pakistan prior to 1971 war and fake attack on the Indian Parliament to justify year-long deployment along Pakistan border always ring alarm bells in Pakistani circles.
At the cultural level, there is no dearth of Indian movies and media events highly charged to demonise ISI and other Pakistani institutions. At the academic level, there are heaps of hate culture to strengthen and sustain Pakistan phobia. Hate icons of the like of Modi and Bal Thackrey symbolise institutionalisation of anti-Muslim campaigns, which ultimately boil down to anti-Pakistan frenzy.


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