What Is The Killer Powder?

By Mustafa Khan

More than one and a half years after the arrest of Lt Col Shrikant Purohit, Sadhvi Pragya, Sudhakar Dweidi as well as the recovery of the laptops of Purohit and Dweidi, the Maharashtra government has announced that it was in the process of obtaining some knowledge about the killer powder. If the contents of the laptops were made public the people aware of the flow of information in the public domain would have given technical and scientific help to RR Patil and others.

For example, it is surely Israel which has such dangerous powders which are so cruel in killing victims. Just a year ago Israel used it in Gaza. The Hindutva marauders also used such a white powder in killing the Muslims in the pogroms of 2002. Neither the Gujarat government nor the central government did anything to find out about the deadly white powder that produced intense heat and burnt the Muslim victims so terribly.

Many years ago Mossad had sprayed nerve toxin into the ears of Palestinian leader Khalid Mishal. Had they done it in Gaza or the West Bank the matter would not have disturbed the civilized world. The sure death of Mishal would have gone into the annals of history as so many other such targeted assassinations carried out by the Israeli. But that attempt on the life of Mishal was made in Amman and the Jordanian King had very cordial relations with the Israeli government, the only Arab country at that time to have such relation. As a result of the toxin Mishal passed out. No one, not even the great doctors, could say what the ailment was. The Jordanian king suspected Israeli involvement and thundered at the Israelis who alone were capable of this advanced knowledge of poison. The Israelis feared diplomatic loss and rushed their scientists to Amman with the antidote. Mishal recovered. Not only that, the Israelis also released the Hamas leader Sheikh Yassin!

The death of Palestinian leader Mohammad Al Mabhouh in Dubai hotel is more recent as it happened a couple of moths ago.

The Israelis brazenly use white phosphorous and other disastrous chemicals with impunity.

Of the thousands of Indians who make beeline to Israel to learn their so called “anti terror tactics”, the most distinguished should be considered to be Lt Col Shrikant Purohit. If in his scheme of things he thought of dispatching Mohan Bhagwat in a way that could not be detected in the forensic laboratory he would have definitely got the killer powder. A pinch of it dropped in the shoes of Bhagwat by way of doing obeisance to him would not have drawn any ones attention. On the other hand our cultural tradition would have applauded this kind of supplication, to not other than a chief of the RSS. Dhanu also touched the feet of Rajiv Gandhi. A Congress leader also held the shows of Rahul Gandhi.

What is the full quantum of material, financial and diplomatic help that Israel had promised Purohit is for the government to ascertain.

But the secrecy that surrounds the RSS would have matched the would-be sure mysterious death produced by the killer powder. Since it has not taken place the government would do well to share more of the mystery of the laptops of the holy man and the army man so that the people of India would ward off future such dangers.


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