Security forces to remain in Swat until all terrorists exterminated: COAS

* Kayani says army’s role in defeating Malakand terrorists ‘matchless’ * Tells elders tribesmen played ‘momentous’ role in flushing out militants from Bajaur

SWAT/ BAJAUR: The Pakistan Army will not leave the Swat Valley until and unless complete, sustainable peace is established in the region, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani said
on Wednesday.

Addressing a gathering of noteworthy locals at the Circuit House, he said the unprecedented success achieved by the military in Swat had only become possible due to the cooperation of the people, adding that the security forces would remain in the region until every last terrorist is exterminated.

Matchless: Kayani termed the sacrifices rendered by the security forces and the people of Malakand division in the war on terror ‘matchless’. The Pakistan Army jawans will continue to put their lives on the line for the sake of peace and for the people in future too if needed, he added.

In Swat, the COAS said, terrorists had challenged the government’s writ and had tried to establish a parallel government, but “our brave forces, along with the local people, destroyed their nefarious designs”.

He said more than two million internally displaced persons had safely returned home after peace was established in the region in a short time period of three months, something that has no precedent in the world.

The COAS said the people of Swat had rendered great sacrifices in the war on terror and the security forces will ensure the safety of their lives and properties. The arrested terrorists would be tried in courts in accordance with the law, he added. The Pakistan Army, the COAS said, has started reconstruction work on schools and other infrastructure damaged during the military operation. He assured the people that rehabilitation work would be completed in a record possible time. Separately, on a visit to the Shamozai village in Barikot tehsil, the COAS inaugurated a government school. Also, on a trip to the Bajaur Agency, he met the elders, chieftains and Maliks of the Tharkani and Utmankhel tribes, and lauded the sacrifices rendered by the tribesmen for the sake of establishing the government’s writ in the region.

Shoulder-to-shoulder: Addressing the jirga, the COAS said the brave tribesmen, fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with the security forces, played a momentous role in flushing out terrorists from Bajaur.


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