Isaf commander lauds Pakistan’s COIN campaign

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan is launching an effective counter-insurgency (COIN) campaign against terrorism with a number of forces that they have really focused on doing right.

This was stated by Commander International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) General Stanley McChrystal in an interview in Kabul with The Wall Street Journal, in which he articulated his thoughts on the regional equation.

When asked what are the signs you see from Pakistan?, he replied: “We’ve seen an effective counter-insurgency campaign with a number of forces that they’ve really focused on doing right. Their coordination with us has been much closer.”

Gen McChrystal said there was a significant distance to go. “The Pakistanis are sometimes frustrated by our campaign plan and we are sometimes frustrated by theirs. But I don’t think that’s unheard of between allies.”

About greater alignment of interests between the US and Pakistan, he said that interests of the two countries have been aligning over time but there are times when it becomes more obvious. According to him, the increase in insurgency inside Pakistan, has put them in a position that puts greater clarity on the need to do an effective programme to reduce that.


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