Dalit woman alleges gangrape at husband’s behest

In Chandigarh, a woman in her early 20s alleged she was gangraped by her husband’s friends at his behest as she had not been able to meet his dowry demands. The woman, who belongs to an affluent Dalit family from Ahar village in Panipat district, alleged that her husband, a Jat from Naru-Kheri village in Karnal, had been harassing her to bring more dowry ever since the two got married in April 2009, the spokesman said. In her complaint, she alleged that when she did not meet his demands, he took her to a Tantrik, who along with some other friends of her husband gangraped her. Rohtak Range IG V Kamaraja has been asked to look into the woman’s complaint and submit a report within one week.

While all of India is revelling in the capture of Faisal Shahzad, a Pakistani-American ‘terrorist’ accused of plotting to blow up Times Square in New York, and in the announcement of the death penalty for Ajmal Kasab, another Indian woman is raped – her rights violated, and her honor shattered – over the age-old curse of dowry.

Is this still reason for India to celebrate the judgment over Kasab? How can we send terrorists to their death when Indian men transform Indian women into living corpses on a daily basis?


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