The Hindutva Terror Trail

By Deepika Jaitley

India looks ‘incredible’ but there are situations that are evolving and have the potential to seriously erode it from within. There is grinding poverty that exists side by side with the shiny image of India that is being marketed around the world and the caste system that is a reality that is rarely discussed but that causes misery and unbelievable humiliation to the millions of those classified as ‘low caste’—an affront to humanity. Far more dangerous are the situations in Kashmir, in the entire north eastern region and Hindutva terror across most of India. India blames Pakistan for the freedom struggle in the part of Kashmir held by it but a reality check indicates that the real problem today is the oppression, rapes, torture, arrests and killings of Kashmiris by a brutalized military operating there under a Draconian Special Powers To Armed Forces Act. In 223 districts of the North Eastern States there is a Maoist/Naxalite insurgency that is actually spreading and gaining support as the Indian security forces under take operations like the Op Green Hunt currently underway. Neither of these situations is going away any time soon unless the propensity to use inordinate military force changes and there is a move towards dialogue, reconciliation and addressing genuine grievances.

It is Hindutva terror that poses the biggest danger—Hindu extremists whose fanaticism makes the Taleban look moderate. The trail of this domestic phenomenon that can become a trans- border danger for the region is truly frightening—already there are indications that these Hindu extremists have been in contact with Nepal and with the Naxals and Maoists operating in the north east. There are also indications that they have links with the underworld, within military ranks and inside intelligence agencies, among politicians and police and that they have plans to target Muslim organizations within and outside India.

Hindu extremism has always existed and is probably an off shoot of the intolerance that the caste system inspires. It surfaced as a real and present danger when Hindu terrorists Ramnarayan Kalangram and Sunil Joshi—both linked to the Bajrang Dal and Rashtriya Soayamisak Sungh (RSS) carried out two bomb attacks using Improvised Explosive Devices ( IED) against Muslim religious gatherings in Bhopal. In 2006 two Hindu extremist bomb makers were killed while making IED’s —they were identified as Naresh Kondwar and Himanshe Ponse and were linked to at least three bomb attacks on mosques in Parbhani, Pune and Jalna as well as the Jamia Mosque in Delhi. Both were known RSS activists. In 2006 a scrap dealer who dealt in military scrap was arrested and a massive 195 kg of military grade explosive was seized. In 2007 there was the infamous Mecca Masjid bombing in Hyderabad that was blamed on Muslim organizations but the IED’s used were similar to those used by Hindu extremists earlier and later there were more bombings in 2008 in Gokal Chaat and Lumbini mosques that were traced to the RSS. In 2007 there was also the attack on a major Muslim shrine in Ajmer Sharif that was the work of militants from West Bengal and Jharkand and both were remarkably similar. More recently there have been bombings in Malegaon Maharashtra and Modesa Gujerat by Pune based Hindutva cells.

Indian investigations are hampered by the patronage that the Hindutvas enjoy from upper caste Hindus, politicians worried about Hindu votes and the police and intelligence personnel fearing retaliatory attacks on them and their families. In spite of this some headway has been made.  The Bhonsala Military School in Nashik ostensibly set up to prepare youth for military careers has emerged as a major center for Hindutva motivation, indoctrination and training. Abhinav Bharat has been identified as the umbrella organization and Lt Col Purohit who was involved in the infamous fire bombing of the train– the Samjhota Express– was the chief patron. Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur and a Jammu cleric Sudhakar are the other leaders. Haimani Sawahar a relation of the Gandhi assassin Godse was made the nominal head of Abhinav Bharat. The Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram has been noted as the Southern Gujerat outpost specifically against the low caste ‘adivassis’. Jatin Chatterjee and Swami Asimanand are the major characters behind this movement.

Abhinav Bharat and Colonel Purohit advocate a theocratic Hindu state with no place and tolerance for other religions. They actively promote Hindu-Muslim clashes. Foreigners and others killed are classified as ritual Hindu human sacrifice. Colonel Prohit is said to have been sponsored by Colonel SS Raikar of Indian Military Intelligence and posted to an intelligence ‘cell’ in Kashmir where they used that cover for Hindutva terror. What has been uncovered so far is just the tip of the ice berg because dark forces are at work and it will take years of work to undo the damage done and the rapid gains made by Hindutva terror. State governments do not cooperate fully as was evident in the pogrom killings of Muslims in Gujerat under the Chief Minister Modi. The chief investigator Hemant Karkare was mysteriously killed during the Mumbai terror attack and even though the sole captured attacker has been sentenced to death not much has been done to uncover the inevitable domestic links to the attack that was aimed at destroyind India-Pakistan relations and prompting western condemnation of Pakistan.


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