26/11 martyr’s wife raped by brother-in-law?

26/11 martyr Arun Chitte, driver of slain cop Vijay Salaskar, will turn in his grave if reports of his brother raping his sister-in-law are true.

Arun Chitte’s younger brother Sahebrao Chitte was arrested for allegedly raping Arun’s wife continuously from February 24, 2009 till January 10, 2010.

However, he maintains that he had a physical relationship with his sister-in-law.

In her statement, the victim says, “After the death of my husband, I was supposed to get money from the government. I was not aware of the process and asked Sahebrao for help. At my residence in Dharavi, he drugged my lassi and raped me. He also took nude photographs of me.” The victim also alleged that she was blackmailed by Sahebrao.

Meanwhile, Sahebrao claims he is innocent and states that the two were a couple. His advocate Nitin Satpute said, “My client has told me that the two had an affair and wanted to get married. But families of both parties did not agree. They were forced to get separated and hence my client went to Nashik. Later due to family pressure and in depression, the lady filed the complaint at Dharavi police station.”

Chitte also tried to commit suicide in the lock up by hanging himself. He was sent to judicial custody by Bandra court on Monday.


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2 Responses to “26/11 martyr’s wife raped by brother-in-law?”

  1. Nandita Anubhav Says:

    This is so sad and horrible. There is no respite even for the widow of a martyr. And the alleged rapist is the martyr’s brother! Who is raping his dead brother’s wife! Too horrible!!!

  2. Pranoti Kumar Says:



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