India: A Country of Conmen


Man arrested for posing as R R Patil’s secretary

Amit Jaganath Kamle, a 24 year old Indian conman

The Hadapsar police in Pune arrested a 24-year-old conman Amit Jaganath Kamle for posing as Nationalist Congress Party leader R R Patil’s secretary. Kamle even called Police Commissioner Dr Satya Pal Singh, his personal assistant and many other officials from his office posing as Patil’s secretary.

“Couple of times I had received his calls and I blasted him. But this man called me and spoke on big issues,” said Singh. “He had even called my PA and many other officials claiming that he is capable enough to help them.” Kamle made the calls from a mobile SIM card under the name of Achyut Jadhav, who runs a travel agency. Kamle had tricked Jadhav three months ago while travelling in his taxi. He had assured Jadhav that he holds a high post in the Mantralaya. On the pretext of confirming a post for him at the municipal office, Kamle took Jadhav’s driving licence, ration card and three passport size photographs.

“It was after Kamle received the documents from Jadhav that he applied for a new mobile card with the documents,” said investigation officer Mandre. He even assured many officials from Commissioner’s office that because of his connection with R R Patil, he was capable of promoting them to a higher post.

A team was set to investigate the case and during the investigation they found that the mobile connection did not belong to Jadhav. “We checked the mobile connection address and found that it belonged to someone called Achut Jadhav who was a resident of Hadapsar,” said Mandre.

“During questioning, Jadhav informed us that he had given his personal details to some Amit Kamle three months ago.” The police located the mobile connection and got a sketch done by a friend of Kamle’s. Kamle was booked under section 420 and is in police custody till May 20.

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75-year-old Indian woman arrested for cheating Canadian

A 75-year-old Indian woman was on Tuesday arrested for misappropriating over Rs.2 million given to her by a Canadian for setting up an orphanage in Siliguri in northern West Bengal.

Police said Nisith Mukund alias Nishant Mukund, a widow, was arrested following allegations by Canadian Wilhelmina Johan that the Indian had misappropriated Rs.22.5 lakh and purchased a flat with the money. Wilhelmina and Nishant got to know each other 10 years back through the internet, said Swapan Kumar Ghosh, inspector in-charge of Pradhan Nagar police station. In subsequent years, they became close and visited each other’s country. While on a tour to Siliguri, Wilhelmina expressed willingness to set up an orphanage and handed over Rs.22.50 lakh in phases to Nishant. However, Nishant did not use the money for building an orphanage and instead purchased a flat at Patel Road in the town in 2005, Wilhelmina alleged.

“The Canadian found this out when she came to India in January and filed a police complaint. So long Nishant was absconding. Today (Tuesday) we caught her. She is now being interrogated,” Ghosh said. Nishant was brought to court on Tuesday, which remanded her in police custody for three days.

Cases for misappropriation of funds and cheating have been filed against her.

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One Response to “India: A Country of Conmen”

  1. Simon Seaton Says:

    You can’t call India a country of conmen just because two people were caught cheating. I mean, I’m not saying kudos to those who haven’t gotten caught, but don’t you think you make a wee-bit too much of an over-generalization when you attribute the actions of 2 people to a billion-strong nation?

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