India exploiting non-State actors

Sultan M Hali

Pakistan decided to actively participate in global war against terrorism in the post 9/11 era. Consequently terrorism engulfed Pakistan as terrorists frequently and forcefully hit Pakistan’s major cities including vital military organizations like GHQ and military hospitals, police training centers, schools, mosques and markets meant for women shopping. Terrorists also made tribal areas of Pakistan as the hub of their heinous crimes. To eliminate terrorists/ extremists, Pakistan armed forces launched various military operations in FATA/Swat and approximately 1,47,000 troops are still deployed in the insurgency hit areas. Hostile propaganda has allegedly portrayed Pakistan as an epicenter of terrorism. Unfortunately, hostile intelligence agencies have been linking all terrorist incidents taking place in different countries with extremist network in Pakistan. It has now come to light that the infamous Indian intelligence agency RAW has been exploiting non-state actors to destabilize as well as terrorize Pakistan. Government of Pakistan has made sincere efforts to probe the cases of Ajmal Kasab and Faisal Shahzad to uncover the truth. Investigations revealed that non-state-actors are behind the Mumbai attack and Time Square incident in USA, in which India has a major hand. Indian involvement in the tribal region is to a large extent dependent upon exploiting the simplicity of the Pashtun as well as playing the non-state actors in their heinous plots against Pakistan.

In a detailed four part report by Tariq Saeed, ‘Pakistan: The Final Solution Frenzy’, the painstakingly gathered facts reveal that religion is used to distort the plain folk. Tastes of vodka and Indian prostitutes are supposedly provided as simulation of what to expect in paradise. The exposé reveals that India has increased its support for the movement to create an independent Ismaili state in the northern areas, now re-designated Gilgit-Baltistan province. The supposed leadership of the movement is sitting in India. A heinous plot is revealed that the takeover of the Swat valley by the so-called Pakistani Taliban was a dry run to cut off Pakistan from northern areas when a real attempt is made to create the Ismaili state. India recently staged fights in some provinces of Afghanistan not far from the Central Asian states to convince them of the usefulness of allowing Indian military bases on their soil. Their main aim was to intimidate Tajikistan where India has vacated a base it once had. The recent skirmishes in Badghis and Fariab provinces were in this category. The Indian embassy in Kabul has thwarted negotiations between Brahmdagh Bugti, the grandson of late Akbar Bugti, and the authorities. A Baloch, who is a lawyer by profession, was acting as middleman in these talks.

Saner elements in the US like Senator Christopher Bond have concluded that he had seen no hard evidence of a Pakistani group directly involved in the failed Times Square bombing. The US Defence Secretary Robert Gates’ statement that US-Pakistan relationship had improved significantly and that US respects Pakistani’s sovereignty is noteworthy; simultaneously, the US President has also praised Pakistan’s anti-terrorism commitment and underlined the vitality of sustained engagement with Pakistan towards grappling with the extremist challenge in the restive Afghan border region. US president Obama has pointed out that Pakistan has offered huge sacrifices in its fight against homegrown terrorism. Taliban and Al-Qaeda militants have spilled over into its border areas from Afghanistan following US invasion of Kabul in late 2001. President Obama has also emphasized that Pakistan will only be secure if Afghanistan is secure. He also stated that Afghanistan, Pakistan, United States and the international community should all be working together to reduce the influence of extremists in those regions.

The important fact is that Pakistan is an Islamic country and different factions have been living with religious harmony since its creation. Sectarian sentiments erupted as the slogan of Islamisation was used for political reasons. Time and again and now with renewed intensity, the sectarian violence has been used by anti Pakistan elements as a tool to disturb law and order in the country. Two main sects of Shia and Sunni have been the victim of target killing and many religious leaders lost their precious lives. Foreign intelligence agencies have been behind such sectarian violence. The same needs to be condemned and an environment of sectarian harmony is created for obvious reasons. The recent attack in Lahore on the mosques of Quaidianis was used as a wedge to divide public opinion against the minority group. Spurious but heartlessly malicious e-mails were sent to Muslims congratulating them on the slaughter of the Quadianis during their Friday prayer. Sectarian clashes have been well controlled by the government by including the Ulema/religious leaders to play their role in removing the hatred between people of different sects and making efforts to create inter-faction harmony. On the other hand hostile intelligence agencies have their vested interests as they follow anti Pakistan agenda of their own country. Hence, they use heavy amounts of money to bribe the anti Pakistan elements including the terrorists to create sectarian rift and the consequential unrest in Pakistan. Terrorist attacks on religious processions, target killing of religious leaders and recent attack on Pakistani Ambassador in Iran, MB Abbasi are the latest examples. Government should take stern actions against the perpetrators. Moreover, religious leaders of different factions should also play more effective role to counter this menace. There is a dire need to create awareness amongst general public to develop religious tolerance and live in peace while frustrating the vested interests of hostile countries.

We can clearly conclude that India is using Afghan soil to sponsor terrorism in Pakistan. Indian intelligence agencies are providing financial assistance and weapons to the terrorists for their terrorist acts to be conducted inside Pakistan. Similarly Indian decision to send additional troops to Afghanistan is also causing serious concerns for Pakistan. India has set up secret training centers in Afghanistan where her military personnel in collaboration with RAW have been imparting training to the innocent Pashtun against Pakistan. Indian designs show that the cliffhanger of Ajmal Kasab sham show became a fodder to breed anti-Pakistan sentiments. RAW carried away 1300 Taliban and Pakistani prisoners from Bagram air base jail to be able to brainwash them and subsequently use them as Pakistani Taliban against Pakistan Army.


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