Narendra Modi takes a jab at Sonia Gandhi over Bhopal issue

By: Deepika Jaitley

South Asian politics is so complex and intrinsically intertwined, to the extent that there are many similarities between political maneuvering and campaigning. When one thinks of the Asif Zardari-Nawaz Sharif tussle in Pakistan’s politics, one can easily correlate that to the current spat between Narendra Modiji and Sonia Gandhiji over the Bhopal gas leak row. Modi, who is CM of Gujarat state and a senior BJP leader, attacked Sonia Gandhi, the Congress Central leader, over who is the ‘maut ka saudagar’ (merchant of death) vis-a-vis the Bhopal tragedy.

During the 2007 Gujarat state elections, Sonia Gandhi had earlier referred to Modi as the ‘maut ka saudagar’ of the Gujarat riots and lynching of Muslims. Modi replied in the same coin, blaming Sonia Gandhi for the Bhopal tragedy even though she was not an active participant of politics at the time the tragedy happened. “Why is Sonia Gandhi silent on her party and government’s failure in ensuring justice to the Bhopal gas tragedy victims? Now will she explain who is the maut ka saudagar?,” he said while addressing the ‘Swabhiman Rally’ of the BJP on conclusion of the party’s two-day national executive.

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