Pak newspaper claims hundreds of pro-India, pro-Israel CIA agents operating in country

Lahore, Mar 2: Hundreds of especially-trained CIA contractors who worked closely with the Indian external intelligence agency RAW and Israel’s Mossad in the Middle East, Asia and Africa over the last two decades, are covertly operating across Pakistan these days, a Pakistani newspaper has claimed.

The Nation quoted “well-informed sources”, as saying that in 2010, the Obama administration deployed over 400 pro-India and pro-Israel CIA agents in Islamabad, Quetta, Peshawar, Lahore and Karachi, the country’s biggest cities.

“Sources believed that the American spies with pro-India mindset had been deployed in Quetta to fuel militancy in the largest but poor province of Balochistan, while the US operatives who worked with Israeli agents before 9/11 had been sent to the country’s insurgency-hit region bordering war-torn Afghanistan,” the paper said.

“The Foreign Intelligence Estimates (FIE) cell of the CIA, which is responsible for training, brainwashing and recruiting individuals to launch intelligence networks outside the United States, had awarded special contracts to those security companies where the Indian and Israeli lobby is very strong,” it added.

Washington hired these contractors from private security companies like LLC, Xe services or Blackwater, claimed the paper, adding that leading Indian and Israeli tycoons have been “secretly and heavily funding such companies to carry out clandestine operations in the Middle East, Asia and Africa as per their interests.”

Attributing to sources, it said the US government had sent hundreds of Cobra operatives to Pakistan on a secret spy mission after the Indian and Israeli lobbies in Washington strongly recommended to the Obama administration that ‘these guys are quite fit to operate in the Af-Pak region.”

The paper further claimed that most of the CIA contractors were double agents, as on the one hand they were hired by the American spy agency, but on the other hand, they were undercover personnel of the Indian and Israeli lobby and assigned with special tasks in different regions.

“Obviously, they (the CIA agents) are here to safeguard the interests of their masters. They are here to look after the interests of the enemies of Pakistan,” the paper quoted an intelligence official, as saying during a brief chat. (ANI)


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