CIA bamboozled by computer software expert


Officials from the Central Intelligence Agency were bamboozled into using a phony software program that its creator claimed could help intelligence, military and law enforcement personnel in detecting terrorist plots. Besides the CIA, the U.S. Air Force was also a victim of the same scheme.

The CIA had a business relationship with a degenerate gambler, according to sources. Photo: Reno News

An intelligence source told the Law Enforcement Examiner that federal agency personnel are not revealing information regarding the alleged hoax citing national security concerns.

Some sources claim the hoax has cost the federal government upwards of $20 million since 2003, when it contracted California computer programmer Dennis Montgomery, now 57-years old, to decipher coded messages hidden in the TV broadcasts of Arab news network Al Jazeera using a software he developed.

The U.S. Justice Department, which received orders from two federal judges to keep details of the technology out of public view, claims it is guarding state secrets that may threaten national security if revealed.

Originally a biomedical technician with an alleged gambling problem, Montgomery cloak-and-dagger activities caused terrorism scares as well as late night White House national security briefings.

Even Montgomery’s former lawyer, Michael Flynn, says he believes Montgomery is a con man and the Central Intelligence Agency and the Air Force repeatedly and completely missed the warning signs.

According to his former lawyer Flynn, Montgomery will soon go on trial in Las Vegas for allegedly trying to pass $1.8 million in bad checks at casinos. He also made headlines in Nevada when he claimed Governor Gibbons accepted bribes, which was never proven.

In spite revelations of Montgomery’s shady background, the federal government has not attempted to charge him with any wrongdoing. Also, neither the Pentagon or the CIA attempted thus far recovered any of the taxpayer money paid to Montgomery in his large-scale scam.


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