Raymond Davis: Released! Why And How?

Sultan Hijazi

Amid hurried circumstances yesterday, there appeared an announcement all over the media that the families of the victims slain by CIA contractor Raymond Allen Davis had pardoned him by accepting “diyyat” (blood money) according to the Shariah law in Islamic jurisprudence.

Following is one document (front side and back side) of Faizan’s family who have acknowledged receiving remuneration for their

Front Side

Back Side

Scanned copies of the documents of Faizan’s family clearly confirm that they took an oath on The Qur’an that under no pressure, they have accepted remuneration even after knowing that a court in Lahore had indicted Davis for double-murder hours before the families pardoned him.

Also check: 15 scanned copies of original pardon documents on behalf of the affected families in return for compensation

This whole imbroglio has created waves of resentment in the hearts and minds of the ordinary citizen of Pakistan. On the one hand, they fail to believe that there was no such pressure which could have threatened the lives of the victims’ families. If they did not go for “diyyat”, the Lahore High Court would have proceeded with Davis’ hearing and as per the indictment, he was to be hanged or put in lifetime imprisonment. Necessity knocks at emotion and the conscience gives in. The families are from a low class background and they must have thought twice about the future of their coming generation.

The problem here lies in the fact that the people of Pakistan mixed the issues which were separate:

1. The double-murder case, which was only the court’s concern. The session judge in Lahore called the family members one-by-one, took their testimony on oath and then made sure they got their money.

The question of “Why did the judge do this in haste?” and “Who made these arrangements?” need to be asked to the Punjab Government and the judge who was hearing this case.

The Armed Forces of Pakistan and the ISI have got nothing to do with the double-murder case and it was solely the responsibility of the civilian setup and whatever pressure/orders from the US Embassy they came under must be posed as stern questions of accountability to them.

It seems the citizens in Pakistan are not mentally willing to grasp the fact that the family decided to opt for compensation instead of living upto the people’s expectations of getting the accused hanged. The widow of Faheem, Shumaila Kanwal, who ended her life by taking rat poison had deemed her last words as, “I want to see him (Davis) killed the same way he killed by husband, I do not expect justice from this system”. Sadly, she passed away and her own family members betrayed her trust. Faheem’s mother did not accept monetary compensation, his father was in paradox and went for it. It was solely a family affair and they dealt with it according the law by signing the Shariah documents which everyone in Pakistan seems to talk about. The same law which has now announced its decision is being the subject of disregard by the very people who claimed to be its torchbearers.

Case settled, the family also get US citizenship and visas. Their issue, they decided, through the courts.

So when all the mayhem seems to come to a standstill, people then divert to the question: Why did the Pakistan Army and ISI let him leave the country after he was found captured with sensitive equipment and in contact with terrorists?

At Terminal X, we ourselves had covered all those issues. Here is the answer:

2.Each intelligence agency has its distinct jurisdictions and institutional protocols within which they operate. The ISI is only concerned with the espionage and terrorism cases against Davis. As such, it is the ISI which is most concerned with the well-being of Pakistan and its vital interests.

Readers should understand that the puppet regime in Pakistan which was itself installed by the US administration would have instantly handed over Davis back right after his arrest on 27th January, fearing that their masters in Washington might whip them.

However, it was the ISI’s hold on this affair which kept him in custody for more than a month. During this time, Davis was kept in protection against elements of the CIA which would have tried to kill him before he leaked vital information. This is why Davis was to be protected. Once all the juice of important sensitive information was sucked out of Davis, his networks of terror in Waziristan (South) and South Punjab was dismantled. One strong reaction to this was the attack near ISI office in Faisalabad. The “Punjabi Taliban” knew their network had been revealed. The ISI arrested subsequent accomplices of Davis from Peshawar and elsewhere. Many have been deported, others ran off themselves fearing lest their cover gets blown.

Davis was a mere subject. Once he was dealt with, or rather his agency’s covert network was dealt with, he was required no more. A juiceless pulp, an autumn leaf that bears no purpose. It was now upto the victim’s families as to what they decide: Let the courts go ahead and prosecute Davis or set him free. The families agreed to the latter. And he was about to go as a “free man”. However, little does anyone know that before this worthless subject was returned, the ISI put forward its strategic demands to be met. These included that the Indian influence in Afghanistan will be lessened, the CIA will inform the ISI of each operative’s status and assignment, and a few others which have not been released to us.

Oftentimes people forget, there is benefit in keeping someone alive as there is loss in killing someone. Davis was worthless anyways after whatever was taken out from him through confessions (classified). Before he left, the ISI compelled the CIA to meet its demands which are in the best interests of Pakistan. They have been met.

And rest assured, the ISI is now in the driving seat. The CIA has been humiliated and furthermore, it even bowed down to the Islamic Shariah Law. In this appararent so-called “loss” is a victory so great which few will understand.

As Napoleon Hill said, “Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or ‘temporary defeat’.”


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