The Libya Blitzkrieg and the Coming Iran War

by Zen Gardner

If you’re following the news on the Libya developments, it’s a master stroke of NWO control. The speed with which they’ve managed to supposedly get international concensus not just to create a so-called “no fly” zone, but to pound whatever targets they want, has been a diplomatic blitzkrieg.

What took ages to convince wary NATO nations to sanction in the attack on Iraq, has only taken a couple of weeks for Libya.

And the public is on apparently on board and trusting this “UN sanctioned” action. There isn’t a shred of protest or criticism to all this except in the alternative media. And even though Ghaddafi called for a cease fire, the press insisted the fighting continued so they’ve gone ahead and engaged and now it will unfold.

Mideast Crisis Gives the PTBs Momentum

These globalist strategies are creating the desired momentum to bring in the complete militarization and domination of the entire middle east. Expect the PTBs to build on it and quickly during this time period, especially as the attacks on Libya escalate. While the world is looking there you can be sure they’ll be up to some power grabs in other countries, so keep looking around for the “unreported” stories or issues that they’re trying to disguise or cover up.

Hillary Takes the Mount

Something else that’s happening is the growing signal from the media that they are endorsing Hillary Clinton’s so-called ability to “take action”, while contrasting it to Obama’s clear lack of leadership. Like the dollar, Obama’s “leadership” is what you believe it to be, while actually he’s just a figment of the NWO’s imagination.

(As we know, Obama’s image is only worth as much as the NWO mouthpiece MSM says it is. It’s apparent to any thinking person there’s not a leader’s bone in his cardboard cut-out body, as is the case of all placed NWO puppets.)

But watch, it appears they may be positioning Hillary as the “mover and shaker” lately, while allowing more and more criticism of Obama. His publicized preoccupation with sports and now touring Latin America in the midst of all this it meant to be a disconnect for some reason. It’ll be gradual, but if this trend continues we could be seeing a new presidential candidate being promoted, or tested in the public arena. Even Drudge has been calling this “Hillary’s War”. But we have to wonder, why the posturing?

Watch the Mainstream Programming

It’s all about cover up, truth reversal and omission. That the US is seemingly taking a back seat to the aggression on Libya is a major signal in itself: they want us to know that “a new world order will be more effective than just letting the US police the world”. It also gets international involvement in whatever follows the Libya takedown. Very clever.

France jumped to the tune of the fiddler to take the lead in the attack. Wonder what they were told to turn on a former friend?

Masonic greeting exchanged by members of the “brotherhood”. You mean they betray each other? You bet.

More Media Misleads

Those who are awake know we cannot believe the government’s downplaying of the radiation dangers-after all, look their post 9/11 “all clear” at ground zero that has led to the death and sickness of thousands. Or the downplaying and media silence over the Gulf disaster.

The irony, as it so often is, is that the US will harshly accuse other nations of “human rights abuses” and “oppression of their people” or “not informing their public of the truth of the matter” while blatantly being the chief offender.

Similarly, the media positioning of middle eastern events and who to “back” is complete smoke and mirrors. The assumptive language instructs the masses who is “good”, who is “bad” and “who needs to be replaced”. Try reversing just about everything the MSM is saying and you’ll get close.

Again, it’s Orwellian.

Incredibly enough, Americans eat this stuff up. Hypocrisy apparently makes good news, as long as it “pumps you up!”

An attack on Ghaddafi is the perfect prelude to an attack on Iran

The speed of this UN/Arab League (owned) imprimatur for an aggression on Libya not only indicates the huge progress the NWO has made in consolidating their hold on global powers, but it speaks of a profound ‘group think’ impression in much of the western world. The negative emotions regarding Ghadaffi have been carefully cultivated for 40 years now, giving the typical western media mush-mind the impression that “we can never get rid of these renegade bastards”.

Now, concurrent to the apparent global awakening of the truly oppressed, true to their ‘ordo ab chao’ mantra and Hegelian dialectic, the PTBs are injecting an opposite “it’s time to take care of these problems” mindset into the strategically framed opposite mainstream western mindset.

While Ghadaffi has been a bought off, militarily supported puppet of the west since his “revolution” and they scared the hell out of him, he is serving a greater purpose. Now it is time to sacrifice the demon they so carefully LET exist all these years for a “greater good”.

Why? The cathartic release, as all wars precipitate, will provoke Americans and other hoodwinked and intimidated peoples to endorse the removal of other such long-standing “pests” and hindrances to a “peaceful, global society.”

Just watch.

Get their Game? It’s On.

Be prepared, and stay on top of it.

Love, Zen


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