Raymond Davis was ‘gold mine’ of information

Several arrests made after Davis’ startling disclosures, Lead helped smash anti-Pakistan networks, Over 330 US dubious nationals start moving back

Salim Ahmed

Lahore-Proving to be a “gold mine” of information, the recently released CIA contractor Raymond Davis unmasked deep rooted anti-Pakistan networks in the country leading to smashing them by the men from Counter Intelligence of security apparatus.

Sources close to those who investigated Davis, arrested on January 27 on murdering two Pakistanis in Lahore, confided to this scribe that arrest was a blessing in disguise as his startling disclosures inflicted a heavy blow to under-cover agents working against security interests of the country.

His arrest proved so important for Pakistan that over 330 US nationals engaged in “sensitive activities” have started leaving Pakistan besides exposing many other foreign agents and their local links and that was considered as a major breakthrough.

Davis, who was released on March 16 on payment of blood money, was so desperate and a broken man in the last days that he dished out very useful information leading to exposure of his local links in one-go.

According to sources, on his clues, six Americans were put under scan and some of the local connections were arrested after a long- trace. Two Americans are still untraceable. A few Europeans were put on watch- list including two agents from a powerful European State.

It was shocking to discover that several third country nationals were also in contact with foreign agents. The sources believed that Davis and his companions might have tried to bring some nationals from brotherly states into their fold.

According to sources, Davis disclosures created panic among the foreign agents and some of them are on the run or went into hiding.

Many people in Pakistan considered that his release was a loss to the country, but at the same time many others believed it was a winning situation for Pakistan as national security operators have succeeded in extracting useful information from his connecting gold mines.

Davis, who walked into his own laid down trap sent ripples across the political spectrum of the country.

The political and religious parties reacted sharply and the people took to the streets forcing the governments in Punjab and centre to take shelter under the courts. The pressure built by the parties forced the stakeholders to be on one page on his issue, staving off US tremendous pressure and threats.

The impact of this earthshaking event and US pressure on Pakistan to grant diplomatic immunity to Davis was so huge that ruling party Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Foreign Office spokesman Abdul Basit became its prey.

The story will not end here as repercussions of Davis might engulf Pakistan ambassador Husain Haqqani. He may be replaced after expiry of his tenure in May next as he was being accused of issuing about 400 visas to likes of Davis in one day without observing the prescribed rules and regulations, Gulf Times reported.

According to The Daily, security agencies were disturbed with the way the Pakistani embassy issued visas to Americans that led to the influx of hundreds of CIA-linked people and defence contractors to Pakistan in the garb of diplomats.

These visas were blocked earlier after complaints were received in Islamabad that a lot of ‘dubious characters’ had applied for visas and were being obliged,” The daily quoting a diplomatic source said.


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