The New American Century in Doldrums

By Mansoor A Malik

The second half of the 19th century gave rise to the new thought process in Europe through the writings of Karl Marx and Engels and within the first decade of the 20th century, brilliant Russian leaders like Lenin and Trotsky who were in self exile in Germany led this “Proletariat Revolution” in Russia during the First World War and established the Soviet Union in 1917. This Soviet Empire lasted for almost seventy five years before it became the dust bin of history. The second half of the 20th century thrust America towards a “Global Power” after its long drawn “Self Satisfying Isolationist Policy” at the beginning of the 20th century. With the demise of the Soviet Union in the last decade of the 20th century, the Neo-Conservatives in America got their act together, courtesy the “Economic Boom” of eight years of Bill Clinton’s White House (1992-2000) to launch their programme of the “New American Century”.

The dis-similarities between the qualities of leadership of the New World Order of the 20th century led by Illiyich Lenin and Leon Trotsky with that of the Neo-Con leaders of the New American 21st Century led by George Bush Junior, the arrogant know all with head in the sky Dick Cheney and the deranged Rumsfeld could not be more wider. The intellectual brilliance of the Russian leaders could spell bound millions of diverse audience from all parts of the world, whereas, these Neo-Con leaders could not even satisfy their own independent inquiring journalists. The new world order as enumerated by these Russian leaders at the start of the 20th century lasted for more than seventy years after their deaths in comparison with the declining of the New American Century within the life-time of these Neo-Con leaders. Unfortunately, the world had to suffer and is suffering due to the idiosyncrasies’ thrust upon the innocent people; but above all, these neo-cons have drastically damaged the image of America in the hearts and minds of the world population at large.

Before Trotsky marched into the “Red Square” at Kremlin, Moscow with his rag tag peoples’ “Red Army” which he had helped establish earlier, to grab power from Czarist Russia, the world in general was treated with one of the best classical literature of all times by Russian writers for more than a hundred years. Leo Tolstoy, Chekov, Dostoyevsky and innumerable many other Russian Intellectuals of the 19th century, with their hearts and minds in the right place, had started identifying the ills of their society leading up to the “Social Revolution”. The American Intellectuals in comparison had a field day towards the last quarter of the 20th century before self proclaiming the “New American Century” at the dawn of the new millennium. The first American shot was fired by their liberal writer, Alvin Toffler in his book “The Future Shock” which shook the ethical and moral foundations of Society and Family. The modular family and children concept if adopted would give rise to the bastardization of the whole mankind with no well defined parentage. This intellectually poisonous capsule was still being digested in the stomachs of ethical people world wide when the Neo-Con intellectual, Huntington, came up with his onslaught “The Clash of Civilizations” with a medieval European mindset. Little did he realize that the period of the Napoleonic and Bismarkian local wars were long over and his treatise if half adopted would lead to “The End of Civilizations” rather than its clash only.

The Neo-Cons, with or without their “Tea Party” members, however, are a different animal all-together. Their Hollywood Boy, Ronald Reagan, in the White House, militarized Space through his “Star Wars” programme of the 1980s’ which made the European Military Might redundant and completely dependant on the US military assets in space for both defensive and offensive posturing. The New American Century was postulated based upon this military technological prowess in all four dimensions i.e. Sea, Land, Air and Space which was achieved and being sustained at a very heavy cost through trillions of American tax payers’ dollars. This has led to not only an economic crisis at home but is responsible for depicting America as a world bully.

Jimmy Carter’s policy on Human Rights and Values has long been buried in the sand dunes of Iraq and the rugged mountains of Afghanistan. The respect, if any, which the American people had long enjoyed due to their large heartedness, is fading away at the altar of the American government. Never before in the history of democratic countries have there been such a wide schism experienced between the people and their government like the one we are seeing in America to-day. The euphoria of the American people after electing Obama to the White House died soon after his mis-handling of the Afghan situation and his failure to either close the Guantanamo Bay prison or to punish the captors of human abuses of their captives.

America has turned into another Israel but here the canvass is very wide. Hostility towards its neighbors has long been the Israeli government policy which has now been adopted by the sole Super Power at the global level. It is to the credit of Israel that it has brought America, the land of thousand opportunities, to its level and thus decimated its image in the rest of the world. The latest vote at the UN Security Council on Israel’s new settlement policy isolated America and Israel from all other member countries represented there. Israel is a small country surrounded by its big neighbors, whereas, America is a big country with the largest economy in the world and therefore it cannot be left at the mercy of Israel alone. This fatal bear hug has to be released, whatever it takes, so that the rest of the world can take a sigh of relief.

The Noam Chomskys’ of America have to be mobilized before the annihilation of the rest of the world takes place by this power hungry mammal. Another front has now been opened in Libya through the demonstration of the Western Military Power to the un-armed civilians either supporting the ill-fated Ghaddafi regime around Tripoli, the capital, or those stranded in Benghazi on its eastern flank. The awareness of the American people towards its government’s policies has to be sensitized because ultimately they have to stand up and be counted in a democratic dispensation. The next Presidential Elections in America is to take place in 2012 and the American people have to be approached to cast their votes sensibly for achieving World Peace rather than the present War Mongering policy of their government. The “New American Century” can only be achieved through mutual understanding, love and respect and a peaceful environment with equal opportunities to all rather than through the barrel of a gun. The coercive policies can no longer succeed in an interconnective world of the 21st century. The US Congress and the UN General Assembly have to be sensitized for applying minimum force, wherever required, under the UN mandate rather than a show of maximum force to score points by the military commanders on the ground. The dilemma of the New American Century is whether it is based upon its ever increasing bullish behavior or on the sensibilities and sensitivities of innocent people around the world. Only our children and grand children would be able to give the final judgment on it.


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