Serious Setback for the Muslim Military Power

Military power of Iraq already almost destroyed. Libyan military is now suffering severe blows from the NATO forces and is at the verge of its wreckage. Pakistan military forces, one of the strongest armies in the Muslim world, have been pushed into the marsh of an enterprise, far away from any favouring outcome in the tribal areas, shoved in a fire kindled by the Americans in the name of ‘War on Terror’ that we have owned to be our own. And most of such misfortunes are due to egotistical, obdurate, indiscreet, cowardly and mostly insane rulers of the Muslim countries.

We, the Muslims, though had very proficient periods of some meritorious rulers in our history but our ideals of an exemplary ruling are actually taken from the Four Guided caliphs. The west, after getting out of the darkness of Mediaeval Times still took a long time to shape a political system free of manipulation and tyranny. Democracy does have many merits, but is not an ideal political system. The most salient feature of the political system carved by the Western is formulating a mechanism of accountability, a check on the lust for power and bridling the ruthless use of it.

During the rule of our Four Guided caliphs all these measures did exist. The main factor obstructing the lust of power and its remorseless use was then the sense of God-fearing. This feeling must have been materialized in the implementable and instrumental organism through constitutional steps. Unfortunately we failed in this case and try to copy the western democracy without creating a democratic culture.

Even in the modern times of 20th century and now in the second decade of the 21st century still we have power hungry dictators over our heads, most of them rose from the armed forces and held the rein of their countries against the will of the people. The restlessness is seen demonstrated in the streets of the big cities and even in small towns in the Middle East and North African region. The people are out to get rid of the arbitrary rule. As ‘Berlin Wall’ fell, in the Muslim countries the ‘wall of fear’ is also falling now.

Had these selfish and cruel rulers in the Muslim countries shown a bit of maturity and after seeing which way the winds are now blowing, the matter would have been settled within the home. But they not only failed to assess that they were in deep waters and the waves of people’s rage were going high. In result the western powers already having their eyes on the natural resources of the Muslim countries found a chance of meddling in the internal matters. They have not only stepped up to play fraud upon the rich resources but crush the rankling military power of the Muslim countries also.

Imagine, Pakistani forces are suffering heavy losses of lives and their defense budget. Iraq is already half-dead. Libyan army is now subject to grievous blows and Syria is in the line of fire to get its military forces heavily struck if Bashar Al-Asad fails to reach what his people want and his stubbornness remains in the way of popular demand for a change. The western powers are waiting to find a ruse. Why we are going to suffer all this misfortune? Only due to the rulers who are subduing the Muslim masses. Military power of the Muslim countries, being destroyed now, is not and was never a property of Saddam Hussain, Parvez Musharaf, Hosni Mubarak, Ali Zainal Abdin, Qaddafi, Bashar Al-Asad and Ali Abdullah Saleh. It is actually asset of Muslim Ummah. Its damage is ultimate weakness of the Muslim Ummah.


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