Attackers were in contact with commander

Geo News

KARACHI: The PNS Mehran attackers who stormed the naval air base Sunday night were in contact with their commander via high-tech wireless system, Geo News correspondent Afzal Nadeem Dogar reported.

An inquiry committee, headed by Rear Admiral Tehsinullah Khan, is investigating the terrorist attack. It includes representatives from Pakistan Air Force, police, naval intelligence and Rangers.

After reports of some inside help, scope of the probe has been widened and all personnel of Pakistan Navy deployed at the base have been included in the investigations.

The list of visitors who visited the base during past several days has also been sought to ascertain the details regarding the people they met, when and for how long.

A high-tech walkie-talkie set has been recovered from the bushes confirming the reports that the raiders were in contact with their commander.

The militants came loaded with sophisticated weaponry including rocket launchers hand grenades, Kalashnikovs etc. Raiders fired more than 1100 bullets and seven rockets. Investigators recovered 860 spent cases of Kalashnikovs, 165 of Triple two rifle, 29 of light machine gun, 12 hand grenades, rocket launcher and one suicide vest.

Body parts for DNA testing and finger print match have been sent to Islamabad.


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