India Protecting Eight Intelligence Officers Who Burned 43 Pakistanis Alive

Eight Indian military & intelligence officers involved in killing 43 Pakistanis

Unfortunately, Indian Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao arrives in Islamabad with the results of a murder probe that seeks to protect Indian military links to terrorism against Pakistanis. A Pakistani newspaper reveals the names and identities of eight serving Indian military and intelligence officers. Pakistan must demand Indian transparency in bringing them to justice.


The front page of Islamabad’s Daily Mail greeted the Indian delegation with stunning details on how Indian government is protecting terrorists

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan-On the eve of the arrival of Indian foreign secretary to the Pakistani capital to discuss terrorism, a Pakistani newspaper reveals a major cover up in the Indian military intelligence, where eight Indian military and intelligence officers responsible for the gory murder of forty-three Pakistani visitors to India in 2007 have been allowed to walk free.

The revelation is a stunning rebuke by the Daily Mail, one of the largest English language newspapers published from the Pakistani capital, to the delegation accompanying Indian foreign secretary Nirupama Rao, who said she would share with Pakistani officials progress made by the Indian government in probing the cold-blooded murder of Pakistanis on Indian soil.

This was the largest number of Pakistanis killed in India in a single incident since 1947. No Indian has been reported killed in Pakistan for political reasons. The terrorist act occurred almost two years before the Mumbai attacks.

Ms. Rao will hold talks today with her Pakistani counterpart. Her assistants are expected to share the results of the investigation conducted by India’s National Investigation Agency, NIA, into the February 2007 terrorist attack that killed 68 people aboard a purported peace train between Pakistan and India. The train was headed for Pakistan when a powerful explosion ripped through the train. At least 43 of the killed were Pakistanis, who took Indian government on its words that Pakistanis visiting India would be safe.

New Delhi initially accused Pakistan’s premier spy agency, the ISI, as usual of masterminding the attack to sabotage peace with India. British and American news outlets came out strongly supporting this argument.

But a senior Indian police officer, Hemant Karkare, who led the Anti-Terrorism Squad in the city of Mumbai, stunned the Indian nation when he announced in early 2008 that Indian Military Intelligence officers were involved in the premeditated murder of Pakistani citizens. Karkare created more shockwaves when he revealed evidence proving the existence of Hindu terrorists and the collusion between them and Indian military intelligence in killing Pakistani visitors to India and in mounting a chain of terror attacks across India to be blamed on Pakistan.

As if planned, the Indian NIA indicted, or ‘charge-sheeted’ – to use the Indian official wording – five Indian civilians, including one Hindu terrorist, in the murder of Pakistanis.

Interestingly, the ‘charge sheet’ mentioned no word about the main accused in the gory terror attack on the train, Lt. Col. Shrikant Purohit, a serving officer who was arrested and tried but disappeared in the final probe by the NIA.

Col. Purohit is not alone. Seven other serving and retired Indian military and intelligence officers were found to have links to Hindu terrorists as revealed publicly by the investigation of Hemant Karkare, the Mumbai city antiterrorism chief.

None of the eight main accused and co-accused figure in the progress report that the Indian foreign secretary Ms. Rao is going to share in Islamabad today with the Pakistanis. The surprising part is that Indian officials and media have been arrogantly saying the progress report into the Samjhota Express terrorist attack would allow New Delhi to ask Pakistan to show its own progress report in the probe on the Mumbai attack of November 2008. Only a small part of the planning for the attack took place in Pakistan. The remainder occurred in the United States, India and Europe. But somehow India wants Pakistan and pro-Kashmiri groups to be held accountable for that terror act.

Interestingly, the progress report that Ms. Rao brings to Islamabad reportedly mentions no word on how Hemant Karkare, the man who uncovered the nexus between Indian military and Hindu terrorism, was the first casualty in the first hours of the Mumbai attack, killed by a precision sniper bullet.

Pakistan should thank India for probing Samjhota Express, and publicly express gratitude to the late Hemand Karkare for exposing the killers of Pakistanis inside Indian military and Hindu extremist groups. But at the same time Islamabad should reject the report that Ms. Rao brings with her and demand that India show sincerity in punishing the killers.

See the groundbreaking report, titled, India’s Farcical Samjhota Express Probe Saves MI-Hindutva Links


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