Reclaiming Pakistan’s West

Tacstrat Analysis

The Pakistani Army and ISI have recovered from deliberate attempts to needlessly malign them, and are concentrating on taking out the real threat to regional stability and world peace

After former TTP commander Fazal Saeed Haqqani said he disagreed with attacks on Pakistani security forces and civilians, and parted ways with the terrorist organization, the Pakistan Armed Forces said on Monday that a coordinated air and ground offensive in the Kurram region – on the Afghan border with Nangarhar, Khost and Paktiya – has been launched. This would constitute Pakistan’s first major military operation since the May 2 killing of Osama bin Laden by what many see as a violation of international law and a deliberate attempt to malign Pakistan in the process. Despite psychological setbacks and what pundits call “threats” and “disdain” from the ISI to journalists like Najam Sethi, Hamid Mir and Ejaz Haider – a charge “eloquently” laid out by TIME Magazine’s Omar Waraich – as a prelude to another Saleem-Shahzad-like incident, Pakistan’s security forces have decided to not seriously attend to the propaganda war being conducted against the nation-state and its armed forces – instead, they will redouble their efforts and focus on enhancing existing security parameters in the FATA tribal areas and its adjoining settled districts.

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