After killing Pakistani, 17 Indian murderers pay Rs. 8 crore blood money to escape UAE death row

The 17 Indians on death row in UAE for killing a Pakistani may soon see freedom as arbitrating members of the Indian community have reached a preliminary understanding with victim’s family over payment of Pakistani Rupees 8 crore as blood money.

The Sharjah court hearing the case said today that it will receive pardon papers for the convicts next week.

“The Honourable Judge Abdullah Al Shamsi took note of this important development and ruled that the Court would now convene on 27th July to receive the pardon papers and meet other formalities,” a statement from the Consulate General of India in Dubai said.

On March 18, 2010 the Sharjah Court of First Instance pronounced the death sentence on 17 Indian nationals, who were accused of killing Masri Khan in January 2009.

Khan was killed in a turf war over illegal liquor trade. Three others were injured in the fight.
Today’s hearing was the 15th hearing in the case.

S P Singh Oberoi, Founder President of the Indian Punjabi Society, who has offered to pay the blood money, said a letter has been produced in the court to confirm that an off-the-court settlement has been reached.

“I have handed over a letter that says a sum of Pakistani Rupees 8 crore will be paid and they are ready to pardon the Indian convicts in return.

“I have already paid a sum of Pakistani Rupees 1 crore during a previous hearing. The remaining amount will be paid before 27th July when the judgement will be pronounced,” Oberoi told PTI.|

The consulate said since this matter is now over two and a half years old, the court had suggested a mutually agreeable understanding between the two sides for an early resolution.

“Such an agreement was also desired by the accused. Guided by the same opinion, concerned members of the Indian community, led by Mr S P Singh Oberoi, had independently contacted and pursued the possibility of a compromise with the family of the deceased,” said the statement.

The consulate said the Government of India respects the local judicial process and is fully cognizant of the accepted judicial practices.

“Safeguarding the interest of the 17 accused has remained our principal and abiding concern. We have no objection to the path of compromise, which is an accepted judicial norm, invoked by the community on behalf of the accused,” it said.

“Given the extraordinary nature of this case and respecting the sentiments of the Indian community, the Government of India engaged a local legal firm Mohammad Salman Advocates and Legal Consultants to appeal the verdict and defend the accused.

“The defence lawyers engaged by the Consulate have thus far worked relentlessly on this case,” the statement added.


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