Indian Kashmiris Suffering Endless State Sponsored Brutality

By Abdul Majid Zargar

And yet again an innocent life has been snuffed out by those precisely tasked to protect these. This time the victim is an innocent Hindu boy labeled as top Commander of Lashkeri Toiba only to be found a Non-Muslim while being administered a final bath in accordance with the Islamic traditions. May Lord Ram personally escort the deceased to the heaven!
A look at the data sheet of past one month or so. There has been an alleged case of rape in Manzgam, two molestation bids across the State, a case of custodial death and now killing of an innocent through a fake encounter. Bear in mind it that these are only the reported cases. This has converted Jammu & Kashmir into a lawless State where only the law of Jungle prevails. The whole set of security apparatus appears to have become a violent force out of control and out to trample any one which comes its way. And the violence is staged, ritualistic, and per-formative, used to re-assert India’s power over Kashmir’s body.

In the administration of brutality & perpetuation of Violence, New-Delhi has outdone its former colonial masters. It uses the terrorism issue to legitimise its repression of the Kashmiri people: traitors and terrorists have become the template for the disproportionate violence unleashed in Kashmir. No questions are asked- no queries are raised -The local satraps have become mute spectators to this whole bloodbath & mayhem. Those occupying the chair are engaged in applying more glue to strengthen their hold and those out of it are focused on how to occupy it.

What are the remedies then? One wonders whether anybody or somebody in mainland India is taking a note of what is happening in Kashmir? The Indian civil society must realize that this type of a repression is not going to take India anywhere. They should realize that people of democratic states do not allow killing of fellow people without first going through the judicial process. If that process is circumvented, then they are no better than the terrorists. As Noam Chomsky once said that Wanton killing of innocent civilians is terrorism, not a war against terrorism.

Indians must note that every time an innocent is shot down in cold blood by the armed forces, every time such a crime goes unpunished, it is a dagger in the heart of all of them. They should not take much longer to realize that this way the Idea of India is defeated on the streets of Kashmir and with each such incident India becomes only a loser in Kashmir. The people of India must insist that, in Kashmir or anywhere else, unaccountable force is not the answer to the political problems, and that crimes of the police and armed forces against people must be given exemplary punishment. They must rise to defeat the efforts of the state to isolate the people of Kashmir and discredit their struggle.

Today, the government is no longer entitled to the benefit of doubt. A hostile pubic is demanding answers.

(The author is a practicing chartered Accountant. Feed back at


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