US Noise Over Stealth Copter ‘Empty Posturing’

CIA’s mishandling of the operation cost the US military the loss of its expensive stealth helicopter technology. The technology was lost on May 2. The recent US complaints are without evidence and seek to put Pakistan on the spot, another move by Washington’s blame-Pakistan brigade.


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan-Head honchos at Central Intelligence Agency knew there was one way they could minimize the possibility of losing the top-secret stealth helicopter technology they planned to use in getting OBL in Pakistan in May.

Instead of misleading Pakistani military and intelligence, the CIA could come clean with its partners and nab OBL in a joint effort. This was done before while taking out several top OBL lieutenants who escaped Afghanistan to hide in dense Pakistani population centers.

Instead, the US spy service planned an elaborate charade, complete with a media trial of Pakistani military and intelligence to put the Pakistanis on the defensive after the raid. The plan was to embarrass the Pakistani military on its own turf, peddle some theories about its complicity, and hopefully extract more concessions from the confused Pakistanis.

When the CIA discovered the boys left the whole tail section of the stealth-modified helicopter intact in Abbottabad after the May 2 overnight raid, Washington sent an embarrassed senator, John Kerry, to try to sweet-talk Pakistanis into returning the wreckage and – please!- not show it to China.

“[Kerry] was embarrassed. Imagine this: you double cross us, run a media trial and now you’re back because you left something important,” quipped a senior Pakistani official in remarks to

The official, who preferred not to named, repeated his government’s position that it could not fathom why the Americans, and especially the CIA, chose to act behind Pakistan’s back when many OBL leads came from Pakistanis.

Pakistan has a robust research and manufacturing base for civilian and military applications, including advanced weapons development. US officials knew Pakistani scientists working in military labs will never let pass the opportunity of studying a piece of the stealth-modified Blackhawk helicopter. The US special-ops team that came aboard the helicopter apparently thought it had destroyed whatever remained of the partially destroyed jet. But time and darkness played against them.

This is why Pakistani officials and industry experts are intrigued by the latest American hue and cry over parts of its stealth helicopter technology falling in Pakistani and allegedly Chinese hands.

“We returned the wreckage, but they lost [the technology] on 2 May,” said a Pakistani official, who closely monitors relations between Islamabad and Washington. “They lied to us. They planned it in a way to use our intelligence to catch OBL and then blackmail us and then demonize our intelligence and military,” the official told

This official denied the Pakistani government allowed China access to the wreckage, which was returned to the United States after Kerry’s visit in May.

Stealth technology is compromised the minute it falls into outside hands. That is what happened on May 2. The latest US complaints, which are essentially made up of CIA leaks to some American and British news outlets, appear to be more of empty posturing than anything else, an opportunity for the US government to vent its anger at losing the technology and exercising its favorite pastime in the Afghan conflict: Blaming Pakistan.

The essential point here is this: The US government has mortgaged its Pakistan and Afghanistan policies to CIA. The expensive stealth helicopter technology was handed over to CIA for the get-OBL mission. The CIA could work jointly with its Pakistani counterparts to accomplish the mission. But the agency, hungry for successes after messing up the Afghan mission, chose to work behind the Pakistanis. In the process, the CIA’s miscalculation resulted in outing a technology that is supposed to be secret to be effective. Which it is no longer, partially.


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