Response to Tarek Fatah’s Delusional Midrash

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Comment on a video telecast by Rawal TV Canada featuring Tarek Fatah

“Recently the following video was posted to me. It is a program of a Canadian TV,called Rawal TV. One often sees content that one disagrees with,or there are cases where one does not know enough about the subject to form an opinion about it. But sometimes the content is outrageous. And sometimes it is so outrageous,that it is difficult to simply sit back and not respond.

I am not of the view that the army should not be treated with the stick that it so often deserves. But am of the firm view,that when army bashing assumes the form of a virulent disease,of which some of our “intellectuals”are acute patients,the boot needs being put into their mouths so that objectivity is restored to the debate.

Below is my response to one such video,addressed to Rawal TV.”- Saeed Malik


To:The Management
Rawal TV

Dear Sirs.

I have some observations to make on your program,Bialtaqaluf with Tahir Gora Ep 23.

In this program,Mr Tarek Fatah has sought to educate his listeners. After hearing him it is difficult for me to decide if Mr Fatah is motivated by simple paranoia,or an astounding level of unvarnished ignorance.

Therefore there is a need to set the record straight on some of his benighted assertions. Not doing so would only go to suggest that all among his audience are either equally paranoid,or equally ignorant,and their silence is a token of their endorsement of his views.

I have a bone to pick with the following assertions of Mr Fatah.

  1. That there are no Sindhis in Karachi police. If he were to check his facts he will find Sindhis well represented in this force and some thousand strong.
  2. That there are no ethnic Sindhis in the Pakistan Army. Again,if he checked his facts,he would find that about 40 years ago the Army started a concerted drive to encourage the people of Sindh to join the army. Mindful of the fact that Sindhis were,by and large,averse to leaving their homes,it was the policy of the army to cut its Sindhi recruits some slack,to help them settle in their new environs with greater ease. Thus,Sindhis were not apt to be as readily court martialed for desertion,as were their counterparts from Punjab or the Frontier,and leave policy in their case was made more liberal. This allowed Sindhi recruits to take to the army with less hesitation. And now there are thousands of them serving in the army.
  3. Mr Fatah’s tide of invective against the army worked him up to ask the audience the name of a single Baloch General in the army. If he had heard the name of Lt Gen Qadir Baloch,he probably would have let this one pass.
  4. But Mr Fatah is more outrageous both in his vitriol and his ignorance than is normally possible. He goes on to suggest that the only Pathans to have joined the army were the Punjabi speaking ones from Mianwali or Attock. This assertion is so far beneath contempt that it need not being commented upon or corrected.
  5. He then gets to grips with the Chief Justice and suggests that by doing his law from a Baluchistan college,he deprived a local of a chance to get the same degree,which was very unfair. This would indeed have been the case,but for the following:
    • No college in Pakistan has a quota system for various ethnicities. Thus if the Chief Justice did his law from Quetta,he was depriving no one.
    • The Chief Justice did not move to Baluchistan to do his law. His parents were already settled in Quetta,where he was born in 1948. He was thus a domicile of Baluchistan by birth.
  6. But Mr Fatah is a far angrier man than the normal range of imagination may suggest. He asserts that Javed Burki,Majid Khan,and Imran Khan played cricket for Pakistan,not on merit,but because they were all related to Gen Burki!! He even suggests that had he been given as many chances to prove himself as Imran Khan got,he too could have bowled a ball or two of great merit!!
  7. It may easily be concluded therefore,that this anti-army disease can work wonders in a febrile mind. I have no problem with this. But I do have a problem with Rawal TV i.e if this is the best that Rawal TV could do to bring on air,Canadian “intellectuals”of Pakistani extraction. the network must be very hard up indeed!
  8. But as I understand it,Mr Fatah’s real forte is Islam. He would like to pass himself off as a scholar. For the sake of Islam in general,and his acolytes in particular,it is dearly to be hoped that his knowledge on this subject is deeper than it is on cricket,or on the make -up of the Pakistan Army.
  9. Whether this is the case or not,one needs to examine the following two claims made by him,and made with such extra-ordinary aplomb,that one is left dizzy groping for a support just to be able to withstand the onslaught of his knowledge,if one is an unsuspecting mind.
    • He claims that during the time of Khulfa e Rashideen,non Muslim Arabs were allowed to live in Medina,but that non Arab Muslims from “Africa or the subcontinent”had to live outside the city! To make such a statement and to invest the same with the confidence which he brings to it must require total conviction which is utterly bereft not only of scholarship,but of common sense itself. Just consider that the Khilafat e Rashida ended in 661,while the conquest of Sindh took place in 711. Before this conquest,during the time of the Khilafat e Rashida,how many people from the sub continent converted to Islam and came to reside at Medina,he does not indicate. On the other hand,if he has heard of Dr Montgomery Watt,and if he has read him,he will find that Hazrat Bilal was quite happily living in Medina at the time under reference.
    • It is also Mr Fatah’s assertion that the male members of Banu Qurayza were never beheaded in Medina after a sentence for treachery was passed against them following the Battle of the Trench. His contention is that this incident was manufactured and inserted into history 250 years after the Prophet,and the purpose of this revision of history was to stoke up anti-jewish animus among the Muslims,by furnishing historical proof that such animus against the Jews existed from the very beginning.

He has written this in a book,and says he is certain that this assertion is correct because no one has challenged it,though he has welcomed scholars around the world to do so.

I would like to draw Mr Fatah’s attention to “The Life of Muhammad”by Ibn Ishaq. Ishaq was born in A H 85 and died in 151. His book is considered the first authentic biography of the Prophet by most authorities,and is published by the Oxford University Press; ISBN 0 19 636033 1. Pages 461 to 69,should adequately disabuse him of the certainty of his scholarship and his claims thereto. And he might care to concede that Ishaq lived a lot earlier than than the 250 years which Mr Fatah sets as about the time when this incident was “inserted”into history.

I will end now,without attempting to disprove Mr Fatah’s tallest assertion i.e that the Obama Whitehouse is infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood! And while I end,let me just add that Mr Fatah is welcome to his opinions,but must be contradicted when he attempts to manufacture facts in order to introduce them as the truth.

I am attempting to send this to both Mr Fatah and Mr Gora,whose own knowledge seems to be rather restricted,because,as Mr Fatah’s long waffle took wind,he just sat there and praised him for his outspokenness,without realizing that there is a not too subtle a difference between being preposterous and being outspoken.

I request you to please convey this email to both Mr Gora and to Mr Fatah,though I am trying to reach both of them independently as well.

Sincerely yours.

Saeed Malik.


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