Comment on “Afridi’s sentence was not too harsh”

Comment By Simon Bales

It seems that after the Raymond Davis episode, where CIA’s covert and black ops within Pakistan were exposed and USA panicked and even the US president Obama had to lie to the world that Raymond Davis was a US diplomat (when actually he was a private contractor / killer hired by CIA), now the USA is again in a similar mess. This time their (CIA) agent Dr. Afridi has been exposed and caught (once again by Pakistan’s intelligence agencies) and his links with the militant organizations have been exposed.

These militant organizations are actively conducting terrorist attacks against the Pakistan’s civilians and security forces. Dr. Afridi was not only funding these militant organizations but also treating the injured militants. It is obvious that Dr. Afridi was not giving away his own money to these terrorists so it must be CIA’s money. This proves that CIA was / is funding these militant groups within Pakistan to carry out terrorists attacks so that the world remains convinced that Pakistan is the hub of terrorists activities and that Pakistan’s nukes are in danger of being taken over by the crazy fundamentalists . Also this helps USA in keeping the line between the moderate (peaceful) Taliban and the militant Taliban completely blurred. So the world views all bearded Muslims as terrorists.

This helps USA build a case against Pakistan and why Pakistan’s nuclear technology must be neutralized. This will make the Jewish lobby in Washington DC and the puppet masters in Israel very happy.

Dr. Afridi is the only non-US person who was involved in the OBL raid last year and he is the only one who knows what happened in that raid and whether OBL was even in that “mansion” or if he was killed / died many years before this raid. Dr Afridi is the only one who can confirm if this whole OBL raid was a setup by CIA to humiliate Pakistan army and the ISI (Pakistan’s top intelligence agency). Dr. Afridi is the only one who can spill the beans regarding US covert operations in Pakistan and how they are funding the militant groups to keep Pakistan army and security forces busy.

USA managed to buy Raymond Davis’ freedom by paying the families of the victims killed by Davis. This time Ms Clinton has threatened to cut US$ 1 million for each year of imprisonment for Dr. Afridi. Why USA is so concerned about Dr. Afridi’s safety and fair trial is becoming clear now. But before USA talks about justice and fair trials, USA should look at all the war crimes they have committed in the last decade and the last two hundred plus years… which include massacre of native Americans (Red Indians), Murder, torture and inhuman treatment of black slaves, Vietnam war and dropping atom bombs on the Japanese… USA is the last country on this planet to be talking about justice. Did USA give Dr Afia Siddiqui a fair trial?

Pakistan has been fighting for its survival for many years now… its war has been against corrupt leaders (civilian and military), its war has been against feudal system, Its war is against corruption. Pakistan is not Asif Ali Zardari or PM Gilani, Pakistan is not some bearded militant try to blow himself up, Pakistan is not few elites driving expensive cars and wearing western designer clothes… Pakistan is an average man trying to make an honest living by working hard. So wake-up world the war on terror was never there! It was just a CIA’s grand scheme to convince the world that Islamic forces of evil have declared war against the western civilization. Why CIA did this can have multiple reasons but most obvious is that after the end of US – USSR cold war era, CIA was becoming an unneeded entity unless a new threat came, second reason can be to have a military presence and ensure all nations that might pose a threat to Israel are kept under check and not allowed to become strong. Whatever the reasons were they were not all thought up in advance or completely planned. It was a broad outline which the CIA was to follow with the ultimate goal to ensure its survival, make war a profitable business (if not for all of USA at least for few), make sure that Russia never becomes strong enough to challenge USA again and last but not least ensure that USA remains a super-power.

So has USA / CIA succeeded in their plans… I would say yes. At least in most of the things. CIA is still there and heavily funded. CIA is not only an intelligence agency but now has its own highly equipped army to carry out black ops in any part of the world they like, Russia is being kept under control, USA has influence and control over Middle East, now India is falling in to USA’s trap and many other obvious advantages have been achieved. USA has managed to involve many countries in this war on terror so that USA is not blamed for all the death and destruction. But I also think that CIA / USA has also exposed its self to the whole world. They have made several big mistakes in the recent months that has made all its allies suspicious. Recently USA attack on a Pakistan’s post on Pak-Afghan border (Salala incident) which resulted in killing of 26 Pakistani soldiers, USA military academy teaching “total war against islam” (a course in which killing of Muslim civilians and destroying Holy cities of Makkah and Madina was being taught as a solution for world peace) and several other incidents exposed have revealed USA’s true intentions. How the other Western Nations and how Pakistan and other Muslim countries are going to deal with all this USA created mess is what we should be focusing on.


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