Indian movie character inspired by Imran Khan

For Pakistan

Apparently, Randeep Hooda’s character in ‘Heroine’ is based on the flamboyant former cricket captain of Pakistan as he was in his heydays.

Randeep Hooda, who plays the character of a cricketer in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Kareena Kapoor starrer, apparently has his screen persona inspired by Pakistan cricketer Imran Khan. In his heydays the flamboyant player was known for his link ups.

A source informs us, “Randeep has been depicted as a charming cricketer who has an affair with an actress, essayed by Kareena. The character is based on Imran Khan although it is not stated that he is Pakistan cricket team’s captain. The character is flamboyant something that Imran Khan was known for off the field.”

Imran Khan

In the recent past there was buzz that Randeep had been taking tips from ace cricketer Virendar Sehwag for his role of a cricketer in the film. He also went to watch him play during the last India-West Indies cricket match with Naseerudin Shah.” Hooda who was shooting in South Africa remained unavailable for comment.


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