US 2012: It does matter if its Black or White


Waking up to Obama’s projected victory after he had crossed the 270 electoral vote mark was a relief. No. Actually it gave me that adrenaline rush I needed to get my day started. 6 billion dollars have been spent in the past 4 years on both the candidates’ campaigns combined. And we land pretty much where we started. While back home many insist American Presidential election remains irrelevant, I beg to differ.

Both candidates might primarily only disagree on domestic policy issues. Recently, given my obsession with online quizzes and politics, the perfect treat was this interactive on Aljazeera (one of my all time favorite news sources by the way) which had a list of hypothetical situations with ‘agree’ to ‘disagree’ bars for each. The surprising thing was that my level of favorability increased or decreased (to different extents though) for each candidate on the foreign policy concerns. But by the end of it Obama suited my preferences more (sure I did not answer the domestic policy concerns). Even that however is not the point.

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