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Aboard the Opportunists’ Bandwagon

April 9, 2013

By Zara Zulfiqar

The Syrian opposition bloc has had its eyes on a seat in the Arab League for weeks now, and is likely to push the demand further to the UN and OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries) as the self proclaimed representative of the Syrian people. Since the Arab League distanced itself from Assad, and after failed attempts to reach some mutual political solution, the League asked Assad’s opposition to join the bandwagon. On 27 March 2013, Qatar went another notch ahead by allowing the Syrian opposition to open their embassy.

This weekend events caught pace dramatically. Barack Obama has decided to hold meetings with all the Sunni leaders in the region backing the opposition. These include Turkey, Jordan, Qatar and the UAE. These meetings, to be held over the next few months, starting April 16th, will allow Obama to gauge the varying demands within the opposition and region, and channelize them to gain momentum against Assad’s regime. Disparate political, geographical and religious standpoints have landed these saviors in a critical deadlock. The infighting between the opposition groups has been a major factor for their failure so far. For Obama these meetings will cover more than just dilemma if the Syrian opposition. It will be an opportunity to bring Arab nations on board for the Palestine/Israel issue which is critical to relations between West and Muslim World.

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Show solidarity with your Shia brothers and sisters

February 20, 2013


I request/urge/recommend/plead/ask you to show solidarity with your Shia brothers and sisters. Please take similar photos of yourself and remind these oppressors that we stand as ONE … that they are not eliminating Shias…but merely increasing their strength.

I’m not concerned about the Government that sees nothing…I’m not concered with the Media that says nothing…and I’m not concerned about the Judiciary that hears nothing…I am concerned with the Soul that feels nothing. I am ashamed not that my Pakistani brother pulled the trigger… I am ashamed that my life goes on…

I strongly protest the killing of innocent SHIAS!! Before becoming a Shia or a Sunni…one has to be a Muslim…lets just keep it to that.

If being a Sunni means to love the Prophet (SAW) then there is and was no bigger Sunni than Hazrat Ali (RAH)…and…if being a Shia means to love Hazrat Ali (RAH) then there is and was no bigger Shia than the Prophet (SAW) himself.